This is when the minutes started to be posted online.  Early minutes can be found with the current Executive Board.


Faribault Soccer Association Board Meeting

July 22, 2007
7:00 PM - Meeting was called to order

Present: Tim Wayland, Nancy oughton, Connie Roosmalen, Sandy Roberts, Bob Palmquist, Tina Stadler, Steve Ivers, Julie Langslag, Patrick Ermer, Brendon Cox, Laura Lambert, and Troy Marquardt
Issues of concern:
  • Scholarship for a member of the U17 Boys team who just had a baby, he has been with the association for many years. Board members agreed to a scholarship.
  • Fines incurred during the season: Board agreed to deduct prior year fines from fined team's tournament funds for upcoming season. Team will have to do fundraisers if they wish to do more tournaments then the remaining funds allow.
  • Cancel home games: only Referees or the President of the Association can cancel home games due to weather.
  • Older teams - a lot of no shows and playing short handed, try to rooster 18-22 players for this reason.
  • First Aid training for Coaches.

    Items to be addressed at future meetings:
    Committee members:
    Heritage Parade Events Coordinator - Laura
    Team Pictures Events Coordinator - Laura
    Equipment (ordering/storage) Bob/Steve/Brendon
    Field maintenance Steve/Pat/Bill Caron
    Registration Kickoff Pat/Jason
    Referee Scheduling/Recruitment/Training Session Here ?
    Budget ?
    Newsletter Mike Gannon
    Website/Tech (include surveys) Pat/Tina
    Coach development/off season training ?
    Field Development Tim
    Fundraising Bob
    Shattuck Relations Tim
    Sandlot (Separate Board/Fields) Brendon
    Uniforms Tina

    Policy issues to be addressed:
    Committee members: Jason
    • Medical Training
    • Tryouts
    • Coaching Manuals
    • Playing up
    • Manager Manuals
    • Year end party
    • Registration Fee pricing
    • Scholarship procedures
    • Tournaments pricing

    Paid positions on board (Registrar; Treasurer & Ref Coordinator)
    Positions to fill:

  • Registrar (with training from Tricia)
  • Vice President - to be President the following year
  • Treasurer (and someone to do tax return for association
  • Secretary
  • Ref/Field Coordinator
  • More volunteers

    Each of the coaches/managers of teams of up coming U16 and below including sandlot check with your parents and bring a least SIX names to the next board meeting of willing volunteers to help on a committee or fill a position - relay that the current positions holders will mentor for the upcoming year.

    Up coming events:
  • Fall League: Deadline is August 13the to sign up but let Sandy know by August 8th so she can line up fields and refs.
       U9/U10 Boys (Pat/Troy combo) - Yes
       U11 Girls (Troy's Team) - No
       U12 Girls (Julie's Team) - Yes
       U12 Boys (Bob's Team) - ?
       U13 Boys (Doug's Team) - ?
       U14 Girls (Pat's Team) ?

  • Circus tickets on sale sponsored by the Rotary Club - funds go toward soccer complex
  • Knights of Columbus wants to sponsor a Shoot out event

    Members willing to stay on or mentor this year:
    Tim - Mentor (Vice President this season)  
    Nancy - Mentor only Julie - yes Doug - ?
    Steve - yes (last year Tina/Rick - yes Missy - ?
    Connie - no Pat - yes Becky - ?
    Sandy - Mentor only Jason - yes Tricia - ?
    Laura - yes Don - ? Dale - ?
    Brendon - yes Jake - ? Cassie - ?
    Troy M. - yes Troy T. - yes Kevin - ?
    Bob - yes Steve Brown - yes  

    Board meetings will typically be held the third Sunday of each month for no longer than 2 hours.
    Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM
    Next meeting Sunday August 26th at 7:00 PM at the ABC Center due to conflicts the previous Sunday


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Sunday, September 23, 2007 Present: Tim Wayland, Troy Temple, Tina Stadler, Nancy Houghton, Brendan, Tammy Anderson, Pat Ermer, Holly Pickering, and Sandy Roberts
1. Volunteer Registration - We received an email about background checks. The information is the same as always. There is no change.
2. Minutes of the last meeting will be forwarded to everyone. Tim had received a copy and thought we all had one.
3. Registration software - The $1,000.00 fee from Demosphere would have been for development of a website. Puck would charge us $65.00/month for website. Pat asked if it would be worth it to pay for website development when none of the coaches or managers are currently getting us information to update the website. Couldn't we just continue with what we have (with updates) and not pay this fee. We could then use Demosphere for the very reasonable per player fee and save money. This was agreed on. Brendan will help design a new look for our website and Pat will put it in place and maintain it. They will work on making it accessible for coaches and managers if they want to add information.
4. Training on the registrar process - Tammy will need info and so will contact MYSA about what she needs to do.
5. Registration for players - Pat, Jason and Brendan will coordinate a date and place for registration. Parents will have the option to register online and pay with a credit card, but will need to come to registration to order uniforms. This event will be for traveling AND Sandlot. There was talk of how much the fees will be this year and it was decided to leave traveling at $200 and make Sandlot $75. Sandlot parents can have one of their children play for ½ price if they coach. Each team will be encouraged to have a beginning of the year meeting with players and parents and an "End-of-the-Year Party'.
6. Sandlot update - Brendan is putting together a Board. He already has 3 people to serve and would like a total of no more than 5. He is thinking of making the first 2 days of their season be training for the kids and coaches and it would be led by Shattuck. He will look into the cost of this. There was also discussion about the name "Sandlot". The Board agrees it should be changed. Brendan suggest "Little Feat", but is open to any other suggestions. Let him know before the next meeting if you have any ideas.
7. Winter training - Tim will talk with Mike Madigan about winter training option. We need someone to coordinate winter training whether it is in the dome or in a gym.
8. Newsletter - draft next week.
9. Treasurer - Nancy will talk with Ann and Lori about the Treasurer's duties.
10. Policy Manual update - looks good, but need to define the MYSA fine information. Our policy is - If it is the teams fault, they have to pay the fee or we will take it out of their tournament fees for next year. If it is not the teams fault (refs, fields, etc.) then FSA will pay the fee.
11. Next meeting will be Sunday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. at ABC. Topics to cover include a Registration committee report, winter player training ideas, field development and fundraising updates, Treasurer replacement and Little Feat update.

Minutes respectfully submitted, Sandy Roberts



Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Sunday, November 4, 2007
1. In attendance: Steve Ivers, Tim Wayland, Jake Roberts, Nancy Houghton, Sandy Roberts, Ann Weinkauf, Tina Stadler, Troy Temple, Brendon Cox, Bob Palmquist, Becky Bokman, Patrick Ermer, Julie Langesly, Tammy Anderson, Jason Johanson
2. Policy manual - please review the policy and procedure manual previously handed out and we will go over proposed changes at our next meeting.
3. Treasurer's information - Our checking account has been changed to the State Bank of Faribault. All funds in previous CD's and checking were combined into one 8 month CD for $41,000 leaving just over $2,000 in our new checking account. Treasurer also reports that there is a new, online background check system that each adult that volunteers in our association will need to complete. Also, every child that plays MUST be registered with MYSA because of insurance issues.
4. Ann Weinkauf is willing to take on the role of treasurer as Nancy Houghton vacates the office. There was no objection to her addition to the Board
5. Little Feat (previously Sandlot) update - A board has been created. Becky Bokman, Steve Franck, and Tim Larson will serve on this board with Brendan. They have been looking for fields and are considering Maple Lawn, Garfield and Roosevelt. There was much discussion about the fact that Maple Lawn has a lot of vandalism, not much parking, and the sanitation service will not place satellites there. Brendan will check on Garfield and Roosevelt. The Little Feat season will run from June 17 through July 24 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be from 6 until 7 and 7:15 until 8:30. They want to have a root beer float/meet the coaches night sometime in May. They will offer registration both at the traveling league sign-up and at on other date as well. Their registration will close on May 1 so that they can assign everyone and have time to order balls and uniforms. Brendan is still talking to Shattuck about doing a clinic in the beginning. Brendan is also looking at putting together a coaches kit down the road.
6. Registration - Patrick and Tammy have both taken the training for Demosphere. Tammy wanted to know what our "splash" page should say. It will be general registration information. The code of conduct, parental waivers, and other various forms will be added and available. A user update option would show where the kids are placed, but that option will be locked out so that this isn't available until the final decision about who is where are made. Talked about the possibility of taking payments in installments and decided against this option. Also talked about taking payment by credit card and the fact that it will cost us 3% if we do that and we decided we would try it for this year and eat the cost. If this becomes a big thing we could/would just raise our fees to cover it. Registration night and uniform try on will be on January 25 at the Elks Club. This will be for Little Feat AND traveling league. Sign ups for traveling after February 15 and for Little Feat after May 1 will be an additional $25.00. We will be doing uniforms separate from sign up, and Tina will pick the new uniform and put the information together. Some teams will need all new uniforms and others may be able to get by with what they have if they have enough for all their players. The old uniform style is no longer available. There will be a spring kick off/meet the coach for traveling league on Sunday, March 30.
7. Soccer complex - The purchase of the land will close on November 30. There is an agreement between FSA, the City of Faribault and the School District as joint purchasers. We have $1.1 million and we need to do common areas (parking, etc.) first. The donors of the large gift want to concentrate their money on the stadium. FSA is in charge of fundraising. Tim has a couple ideas for this (Twins tickets, a race or dualathon), and we will be asking for large gifts from area businesses for particular things like the naming of a field or pavilion. The pricing on that needs to be set soon. Bob Palmquist will be meeting with Tim about this. Also - on December 1 there will be 2 ceremonies, first for the land acquisition and second a early donation ceremony.
8. Winter training ideas - Shattuck has a 4 v 4 tournament for younger players and Soccer Times has some other ideas listed. Tim will send other ideas to coaches.
9. Newsletter - Sandy has officially retired from this and it was decided to just post the information to the website. Sandy will forward all information gathered to date to Troy Temple to do this.
10. Next meeting will be on December 2 at 7:00 p.m.