Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Minutes of Faribault Soccer Association Meeting
Sunday, January 6, 2008

Present:  Nancy Houghton, Tammy Anderson, Tim Wayland, Troy Temple, Doug Zahn, Missy Plante, Jake Roberts, Ann Weinkoff, Bob Palmquist, Brendan Cox, Tina Stadler, Patrick Ermer, Sandy Roberts, Laura Lambert, and Julie Langeslag

Decision by the Board that the Treasurer, Registrar, and Ref Coordinator positions will each receive free registration for one child as compensation for their positions.  This year, Tammy is filling the role of Registrar, Ann is filling the role of Treasurer, and Sandy will continue for one more year as Ref Coordinator.

Our checking account at Wells Fargo has been closed and the account has been moved to the State Bank of Faribault.

A list of equipment that teams currently have was circulated and given to Bob.

Troy will be checking on our tax exempt status, get the proper forms, and bring information to the next meeting.

They are still shooting for an April 1 date for actual work to begin on the soccer complex.  If all goes according to plan the high school team will play on the field THIS fall and FSA can use the fields in the summer of 2009.

The question was raised if it is OK if one of our teams wants to hire a coach.  If there is more than one team in that age group, it could be an option.  A policy should be determined about both this and try outs.  At a minimum FSA should approve the coach.  This will be looked at during future meetings.

Registration – There are currently only 7 kids registered online.  Flyers were handed out at all of the elementary schools.  Troy will handle getting information to the Middle School and High School.  Tammy will send the flyer via email to Tim who will forward it on to all the coaches.  It is important that the coaches forward it on to all of their players from the previous year.  A registration event is set up for January 27 from 1:30 until 3:30 at the Elks.  Tammy and Pat will be able to handle the traveling sign-ups and Brendan will have people there to handle the Little Feat sign ups.

Upcoming dates:
January 19 – MYSA District Meeting (Bob and/or Troy will attend)
January 27 – Registration event from 1:30 – 3:30 at the Elks
February 10 – FSA Board meeting at 7:00 at ABC
February 14 – Late registration fee applies
March 2 – FSA Board meeting at 7:00 at ABC.  Coaches should come as who is on what team will be decided.
March 10 – Deadline with MYSA for team registrations.
March 30 – Season Kickoff at the Elks from 5 – 7 p.m.  Pat and Tammy are arranging this event
April 26 – Fundraiser for the soccer complex at the Elks.  So far the Twins are sending something and there will be a silent auction.   There should be food of some kind to keep people around and to raise money from the sale of tickets.  Bob is arranging this and will look into food options.

Uniforms – We have to get new uniforms as the old style is no longer available.  The only exception will be the U17 teams can choose to get by with what they have.  This year we may pre-buy them in bulk and then have them numbered by someone locally.  Tina and Troy are checking on pricing to see if this will work.

Background checks – at our next meeting Tammy will bring information about the volunteers that need to have this done and how they will do that.



Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Minutes of Faribault Soccer Association Meeting
Sunday, February 10, 2008

Present:  Nancy Houghton, Tammy Anderson, Tim Wayland, Troy Temple, Don Benson, Kittleson, Jason Johanssen, Doug Zahn, Missy Plante, Jake Roberts, Ann Weinkoff, Bob Palmquist, Tina Stadler, Patrick Ermer, Sandy Roberts, and Julie Langeslag

Julie reported on the MYSA Symposium that she attended.  They talked about having regional playoffs before the state tournament so that things are more local and so that everything isn’t at Blaine at the same time.  They want to shrink the size of the MYSA Board from 21 to 15.  The coaches meetings had good information.

Scholarships are decided by the Executive Board.  The most available to any player is 50% of the charge.  Patrick will post the form for scholarships on the website.

Soccer Complex update – Our first choice of 1A was $2.7 million and it is too much money.  The three groups each have a priority.  FSA wants lots of fields.  FHS wants a very nice gated staduim.  The Bahl family wants a very nice permanent lasting legacy.  After conversation with all three, the new design is a smaller building, the stadium, and some of the fields for Little Feat for about $1.5 million.  We have $600,000 right now and $250,000 a year coming each year over the next two years, all from the Bahl family.  We may need to borrow $500,000 to be paid back as the Bahl money is received.  We are looking at finding someone to guarantee the loan.

Bob has been looking at further fundraising.  The Thunder will be contributing.  On Target will do a bulk mailing for us once we authorize it.  We can get the Elks on April 26 with finger food and a silent auction, but many expressed that a meal will really need to be served.  Missy will ask about the Eagles so there would be enough room for this.  We are not locked into April 26 as a date, but much earlier than that will be challenging.  This will be only one of our fundraisers.  We will also be going to businesses one on one to see about large donations for fields.

Troy has our tax exempt certificate.  Ann will have copies available. If you are making purchases please get one from her ahead of time so you don’t pay sales tax.

Teams –
U17B has 8 players.  They will get Tinaglia and Roberts from U16 and they need to recruit more players.
            U16 and U15B will combine and have 12.
            U14B are strong with 17 players
            U13B and U12B will combine and have 13 plays
            U11B has 7
U10B has 17 plus one U09 has one and U08 has one.  Maybe some will go to U11 or there will be two U10 teams.  Yet to be determined.
            U18 – the one that registered needs to have her money refunded as we will not have a team at this level.
            U17 & U16 will combine and have 10 players so far
            U 15 & U14 will combine and have 13
            U13  & U12 will combine and have16
            U11 will be fine with 10 and recruit a few more
U10 has 5 and U09 has 1.  This may is not enough so we either need more or drop this team

Uniforms – We can order Adidas uniforms through Shattuck (Tim Carter) to match pretty closely what we have.  We will get them numbered in town.  Orders need to be turned in very soon (within about a week) so please get this information to Tina or Troy right away.

Upcoming dates:
            February 14 – Late registration fee applies
March 2 – FSA Board meeting at 7:00 at ABC.  Coaches should come as who is on what team will be decided.
March 10 – Deadline with MYSA for team registrations.
March 30 – Season Kickoff at the Elks from 5 – 7 p.m.  Pat and Tammy are arranging this event
April 26 – Tenative fundraiser for the soccer complex at the Elks.  This date and venue may change.


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Minutes of Faribault Soccer Association Meeting
Sunday, March 2, 2008

Present:  Nancy Houghton, Phil Mazzio, Tammy Anderson, Steve Ivers, Tim Wayland, Troy Temple, Don Benson, Dale Kittleson, Jason Johannsen, Doug Zahn, Missy Plante, Jake Roberts, Ann Weinkoff, Bob Palmquist, Tina Stadler, Patrick Ermer, Brendan Cox, Sandy Roberts, and Julie Langelsag


Team Pictures – After some discussion, the Board voted to have Paul Swenson do this for us in 2008.

Fundraising – Missy helped secure the Eagles on Friday, May 16 from 5:00 until 8:00 for our fundraising event.  The silent auction will begin at 5:00.  A turkey dinner will be served from 6:00 until about 7:00.  The bar will be available in a separate area.  Tickets will be $20 from the kids and each family is encouraged to sell 5 tickets.  The tickets will be available to the kids at the March 30th kickoff party (see below).   They will be $25.00 at the door.  The Thunder/Lightening has donated two 4 packs of tickets.  Bob has gone to Cabela’s, Famous Dave’s, and Timberlodge and is awaiting an answer.  Kohls, Lowes and Best Buy have all said no.

Tim has applied for the MYSA field/equipment grant in the amount of $10,000 but usually only $1,000 to $2,000 is granted.

Julie asked if we would consider Phantom Fireworks as a fundraising idea.  After much discussion it sounds as though this is risky and won’t work for us at this time.

March 30th Kickoff – This will be a pizza party held at the Elks from 5:00 – 7:00.  We still have bags available to sell for $20.00.  Hopefully, uniforms will be available that evening.  If not, they will have samples for people to try on.  Pat will put together an email for coaches/managers to forward to their players about this event.

Uniforms – They are currently on backorder, but hopefully will be here for March 30th.  We discussed the option of having either Top Shelf or B & B stocking the uniforms in the future and having each player go there and buy them.

Sign-ups – Briefly discussed moving future registrations to the fall instead of January.  This is always something to be considered.

Equipment budget – Kids need to bring their own practice balls.  Each team will be given 2 game balls.  New goalie jerseys are available for teams that need them.

Tournament and training budget – Each team will be allowed $1,000 to sign up for these except the U17 Girls who were docked $200 for a forfeiture penalty from 2007.  Coaches and/or managers need to submit forms to Ann for payment.

Teams – Tim and Troy worked on registrations and teams ahead of the meeting and presented proposed rosters.  All agreed with the rosters as presented.

Next meeting will be on April 27 at 7:00 p.m. at ABC.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Roberts


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Faribault Soccer Association Board Meeting
April 27, 2008

Present;Steve Ivers, Tim Wayland, Troy Temple, Jason Johanson, Bob Palmquist, Pat Dudley, Missy Plante, Don Benson, Ann Weinkauf, Nancy Houghton, Sandy Roberts, Brendon Cox, Julie Stadler, Patrick Ermer, Mar Hofstad, Becky Bokman, Tina Stadler

    • Tina collected uniform money.  Sellner is finishing numbering them.
    • Heritage Parade – Brendon will organize and have Little Feat do this parade.  $200 - $250 is the budget for candy and prizes to throw during the parade.
    • Middle School fields – they are not in great shape.  Lower goals will be in place later this week.  Do NOT move them once they are anchored.
    • Goals – we have two at Roosevelt and one at Shattuck
    • MYSA $1000 grant – this needs to be spent on fields.  We will buy one more set of youth size goals for u9 and u10
    • Soccer complex – the bids are coming in and there is a meeting this week.
    • Fundraiser – We have raised $4,500 ($3,000 from HyVee).  Bob needs ticket sales to be turned in for a meal count.  Currently he has 30 donations for the silent auction.  We can also sell tip boards during the event.   Pat and Don’s teams will serve the meal.  We should have an agenda on each table and information about the complex available that evening.
    • Team photos – Swenson will be doing these and Troy will get each team information about this.
    • Little Feat – Jason is working on the Elks shoot out for them.  Shattcuk will work with these teams and their coaches the first couple of times and their season is June 10 – July 17 on Tuesday and Thursday with two sessions each evening.  One from 6 – 7 and one from 7:15 – 8:30.  The registration event is done.  They currently have 80 – 90 signed up.  The rest can sign up on the web.  Cut off is mid-May.
    • Team balls --  Tina handed these out as well as goalie jerseys.


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting June 1, 2008

Little Feat – We need to continue to make this as appealing as possible as it is a feeder program for the older years.  New nets and goals are in.

Review of the P & L for the year – The fund raiser netted $1831 from the silent auction and $6276 from ticket sales.  There should be a thank you to contributors for the auction and their names will be on the wall at the soccer pavilion.  Bob will run an ad in the paper to thank these people publicly.  The ad should not be more than $150.00.

Timeline for next year – we need a meeting prior to districts and we need a new place to meet.  Patrick will check on meeting at the airport.  We will meet at 7:00 on July 13.  Please think about the upcoming year prior to this meeting.

Fundraising – someone needs to take on this role full time.  A T-shirt idea will take place.

Rotary will sponsor T-shirts for Little Feat and they are also talking about helping with scholarships.

City Charitable Gambling Board – we have to ask present people and each place will determine if and how much they will give.  We have the paperwork.

Selling pavers is another idea.

At the next meeting we need to setup coaches committee and managers training.



Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2008

Present:  Nancy Houghton, Tammy Anderson, Steve Ivers, Troy Temple, Jason Johannsen, Doug Zahn, Ann Weinkoff, Bob Palmquist, Patrick Ermer, Brendan Cox, Sandy Roberts, Brendan Cox, Patrick Dudley

Ann issued checks to the team captains present that are going to district playoffs.  She also handed out a break down of what each team had spent so far on tournaments and trainings so they know how much they have left to spend on their end of the year party.

Ann had prepared a treasurer’s report for the board.  It was approved.

Soccer Complex update:

  • Troy made a presentation to the Kwanis Club.
  • The Faribault Daily News is giving us good press thanks to the contact Marian Bahl had with them.
  • Our original budget was $1.3 million.  The Bahl family will be matching anything we raise from here on out so we can do it right and spend $1.6 million.
  • The fields will be ready in the fall of 2009.  Shattuck will let us play on their fields for one more year while we wait.

Missy Plante has agreed to be the ref coordinator next year.

Little Feat update:

  • One of the Little Feat kids passed away from a brain aneurism. Brendan will be writing a letter to the family to express our sympathy.  Motion by Sandy to spend up to $500 for a tree and a plaque to be placed at the new soccer complex (when it is ready for tree planting) in memory of Michael.  Seconded by Bob Palmquist.  Brendan will take care of this when the time is appropriate.
  • Brendan will be continuing in his role next year and the program continues to improve.
  • Shattuck worked with the coaches in advance of the Little Feat season and that helped.
  • Rotary will donate $1400 each year for shirts for the Little Feat.

Troy handed out a policy manual draft.  Please look at this before next meeting and bring suggestions for changes or corrections.

There was talk of an end of the year party and annual meeting.  It would be a good time to share with parents and players about the complex, our financials, recruit board members, and start registration.  Ann, Tammy, and Jason will work on putting this together.  Possible dates would be October 5 or 12 and 5:00 would be a good start time.

Next meeting will be August 24 at 7:00 at the airport.  September meeting will be September 21 at 7:00 at the airport.

Tim from Shattuck, Tammy, Ann, and Troy will set up a meeting with Shattuck to talk about setting up a better system for their registration.

Fall registration has to be sent to MYSA by August 11.  If you want to register a team for fall, you must get the info to Tammy by August 1.  Registration will be available online starting tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Roberts



Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes, August 24, 2008

Present:  Nancy Houghton, Tammy Anderson, Troy Temple, Jason Johannsen, Doug Zahn, Ann Weinkoff, Patrick Ermer, Patrick Dudley, Missy Plante

Current Board members update and term thru October 31st:
2008 Sandy Roberts outgoing
2008 Nancy Houghton outgoing
2008 Tim Wayland outgoing
2009 Ann Weinkoff
2009 Doug Zahn
2009 Bob Palmquist
2010 Tina Stadler
2010 Brendan Cox
2010 Troy Temple

Soccer Complex update:

  • The City of Faribault, School District, and FSA will have a representative for the operation of the new soccer complex. The agreement, formed by the city, was approved by FSA.
  • An agreement was set up between the City, Bahl foundation, and FSA for additional funds needed to reach the 1.6 million dollars. FSA agreed to raise an additional $150,000 from now until March of 2011. ($50,000 has already been raised at this point to meet that goal)

The Annual meeting for FSA has been set for October 12th, 5-7 pm at the Elks. A general meeting will take place along with the election of 3 new board members. Missy Plante, Tammy Anderson, and Patrick Dudley will run for those positions. All 2008 FSA parents of players can vote or be placed on the ballot. This meeting is being organized by Jason Johannsen, Tammy Anderson, and Ann Weinkoff. A 5% discount is being offered for any returning members who attend this meeting. Information will be out by the end of August 2008.

The Policy manual was looked over and is set to be approved at the next meeting set for September 21, 7pm. Location To Be Determined.

Respectfully submitted,
Troy Temple


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes, September 21, 2008

Present:  Troy Temple, Ann Weinkoff, Tammy Anderson, Bob Palmquist, Patrick Ermer, Missy Plante

Soccer Complex update:

  • Dormet seeding in November will take place.
  • The Building structure for the complex Bids came in over budget. Plans will be looked at and modified and resubmitted for bids again. This will not slow down the process as building wasn't goind to start until the Spring of 2009.

The Annual meeting for FSA has been set for October 12th, 5-7 pm at the Elks. Final RSVP numbers will be needed by the end of September.

The FSA Policy manual was approved and can be seen on the website.

Fundraising t-shirts have been designed and will be available at the October 12th Annaul Banquet/Meeting.

Upcoming dates...
October 12, 2008 - Annual Meeting
November 9, 2008 - Board Meeting
December 7, 2008 - Board Meeting
January 11, 2009 - Board Meeting
February 8, 2009 - Board Meeting
March 8, 2009 - Board Meeting

January 25, 2009 1:30-3:30 - registration day
February 8, 2009 - Deadline for registration ($25 late fee after that date only if space is available)
March 29, 2009 - Teams get together

Respectfully submitted,
Troy Temple


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting

Minutes of FSA Board Meeting
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Present: Tammy Anderson, Bab Palmquist, Brendan Cox, Tina Stadler, Missy Plante, Ann Weinkoff, Troy Temple, Pat Dudley

Minutes from 9/21/08 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Election of officers was held with the following results:
President-Troy Temple
V. P.-Pat Dudley
Secretary-Missy Plante
Treasurer-Ann Weinkoff

The Board discussed a petition that was submitted for a request that a player be allowed to play up a level next summer which also included reasons why this particular case should be allowed.  Board decided this individual case would be allowed provided the team was not already filled with age appropriate players.  There was no guarantee of play up that could be made until registration closes on 2/8/09.  At that time team numbers could be looked at and a final decision would be made.

Several committee chairs were filled:
Field/Ref Coordinator-Missy Plante
Fundraising for the complex-Troy Temple
Fundraising for the general fund-Bob Palmquist
Registration-Tammy Anderson
Little Feat Coordinator-Brendan Cox
Fall Soccer Program with Rec Center-Brendan Cox
Uniforms-Tina Stadler & Tammy Anderson

Complex update: If all goes according to planned, the HS teams should be able to use the main field in the fall of 2009.

Fundraising: We will need to have on-going fundraising as FSA will need to add to the general budget each year for their share of the complex maintenance and up keep.

Registration: Will open online at FSA website on 11/10/08.  Fees for traveling teams will be same as last year, $200/player.  The fee is to include 2 tournaments not totally more than $1000/team.

Uniforms: On the registration form online it will ask if a uniform is needed.  If the answer is checked yes, then it would direct you to fill out the uniform order form that is available to print and send it in by a certain deadline.  Handling uniforms in this manner will eliminate the coaches and managers from being responsible for this task.  Eurosport will be our vendor for uniforms and an account has already been set up with them.

Our t-shirt fundraiser will also be available online at FSA website.  Just have to print the form and mail in with payment.

Fields: Discussion of field locations for summer of 2009.  Shattuck has 2 fields, Maple Lawn has 2 fields, Roosevelt is available, and Shattuck-St. Mary’s Middle School is available.  Troy will confirm use of these locations.

Fall Soccer Program with Rec Center: We have been approached by the Rec Center to organize the fall soccer program.  They would like us to keep the fees low (which would mean no extras given to the kids).  We would be responsible for finding the coaching staff.  Season is 6 weeks long.  We suggested that the 6th graders be included in this as they are the forgotten grade (grade schools don’t support them and the middle school only does sports for 7/8 graders).  Break down of groups could possibly be K-1, 2-3, & 4-6.  The board approved that FSA would commit to doing this and Brendan has said he will initiate the program.  However his involvement will be limited during the season as he will be coaching his HS team.

Items tabled for discussion:
Annual Meeting
League Representative
Team Pictures

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Next meeting is scheduled for December 7, 2008 at 7pm at Washington Rec Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Missy Plante