Minutes of FSA Board Meeting
Sunday, February 10 , 2013 7 pm at Washington Rec Center
Members:  Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Pat Dudley, Tammy Anderson,  Steve Kletschka, Joe Schleis, Mike Ross
Missing:  Doug Zahn, Missy Plante
Guests:  Julie Langeslag and Dean Anderson

Secretary Report:  Approved the  November  minutes
Treasurer’s Report:  Paid the City Maintenance bill, viewed the Profit and Loss Standard Sheet
Registration update:

  • Went over team scenarios based on numbers, sign up dates and  making sure the maximum number of players playing
  • Julie spoke about the U17 girls needing a team to play on.

Team rosters and team levels of play discussed and finalized for 2013. Future discussion is needed on how teams are formed and how it meets the mission of Faribault Soccer.

2013 Tournament:  May 11, 2013 for the U9-U10 soccer players, $200 tournament fee

  • The board voted unanamously to support Middle School Soccer for 2013. The Public schools will run the program as in previous years. $2500 will go to the High School Budget to cover expenses.

Meeting on Feb 13, 2013 as a quorum  to discuss the U17 girls and where they could play:

  • Attended:  Steve, Missy, Shelly, Joe and Pat.  Mike and Doug were there by phone conversations
  • Ground rules were set, discussion
  • Passed 7-0 to leave U16 team as is, U17 girls can play with the U17 boys

Attached  is the information  in lieu of  the March 3, Meeting

Next Meeting is March  3, 2013 at Washington Rec Center at 7 pm
Respectfully submitted, Shelly Prieve

Minutes of FSA Board Meeting
Sunday, May 5 , 2013 7 pm at Washington Rec Center
Members:  Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Pat Dudley, Tammy Anderson, Steve Kletschka, Joe Schleis, Mike Ross, Missy Plante
Missing:  Doug Zahn,

Secretary Report:  Approved the  February  minutes
Treasurer’s Report:
  • Approved the $2500 for MS soccer via email vote
  • Approved  the $15 000 for lights via email vote. Continue fundraising for lights. School District taking care of bids, Bob's Electric donating labor for electric installation of lights.
  • Approved the profit/loss standard

2013 Tournament:  26 teams total (4 of which were Faribault teams)

  • Vendor:  Troy –tshirts onsite, Jason-other stuff
  • Concession-: Lori
  • Jason: Skills and Drills
  • Steve:  Mom shoot-out
  • Ref Station:
  • Fire Dept/Ambulance already been  notified
  • Chamber of Commerce discussion on what they provided for the tournament

Annual Meeting:

  • July 28
  • 3 Board Members: Troy, Joe and Doug
  • Transitions for : Registrar, Tournie Director, Ref  Coordinator
  • Concessions

Overall Start of the Season:  going well
Referee Discussion:

  • No raise for the last 4 years
  • Faribault pay is towards the bottom of the average
  • Voted unaminously to increase the  ref pay for line judges and center ref
  • Approve Ref Coordinator as a paid position.

May 11 Test Drive:  Harry Browns-Steve Brown is the contact

  • Pat, Doug, Shelly and parents will be the associations representatives

MOM Donation from  the MOM Care Foundation:  $1200

Next Meeting is July 7 2013 at Soccer Complex at 7 pm
Respectfully submitted, Shelly Prieve

Minutes of FSA Board Meeting
Sunday, July 7 , 2013 7 pm at Soccer Complex
Members:  Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Steve Kletschka, Joe Schleis, Mike Ross, Doug Zahn
Missing: Pat Dudley, Tammy Anderson , Missy Plante

Secretary Report:  Approved  the  May  minutes
Treasurer’s Report:  $54000 Checking Account at end of June
2013 Tournament:

  • See Attachment of improvements
  • $5554 Income and $2604 Expenses

Little Feat Update:

  • 235 total players ages 4-8
  • 15 players per team, Parents concerns of  too many players, pushing but it was based on number of volunteer coaches, Board was okay with size due to attendance each week
  • July 16th Watermelon Cup
  • $8650 +725 Income and $5754 Expenses
  • Brendan Cox will continue this position for 2014

Concessions Update:

  • No formal report, however estimation of +$500 higher in income that this point last year
  • Kahuna Ice: 20% of profits given to Soccer Assoc


  • $1000 towards the lights
  • Moose donated $100 and American Legion $500 towards lights
  • Rotary donated toward $1500 for Little Feat soccer needs

Traveling Soccer Coaches Reimbursement:

  • Board voted that will continue the $200 per team

Outgoing Board members:  Troy Temple, Joe Schleis, and Doug Zahn
Annual Meeting:

  • July 28, 1pm at Complex
  • Vote for 3 New Board Members: Troy, Joe and Doug will run again
  • Transitions for : Registrar, Tournie Director, Ref  Coordinator
  • Concessions for food

Referee Discussion:  Summer Ref Report…see attachment
K-5 Fall coordinator:

  • Need to find a coordinator for the schedule, find coaches etc
  • This program goes by grade level instead of age


  • Approved by School District that all money be filtered through them
  • $56 854 is the total price for pole and lights installation.
  • Bob’s Electric is donating the labor and selling  materials ($6000) at cost

Playoffs:     6 Traveling Teams (U14 and U16 girls, U11, U14, U15 and U17 boys)
Middle School Sports:  Middle School sports are now fully funded and FSA no longer needs to help fund the program.
Tournament-Only Team: MYSA Grant, After School Activity Group and Players Fee have helped to pay for this team, Terry Gersemahl coordinated this effort.

Next Meeting is July 28 2013 at Soccer Complex at 1 pm
Respectfully submitted, Shelly Prieve


2013 Suggestions for 2014 Festival


2013 Ref Report

Wanted to give everyone a brief recap of our ref season.
*12 referees were utilized
        -2 were new
        -2 were from other associations
        -8 were returning refs
*56 home games were scheduled
*no home games were rescheduled due to weather this year
*Continued with a strong mentoring program this year
        -included entry level 1st year refs
        -expanded to 2nd/3rd year refs experience is gained in older age brackets
*Have acquired close support group with other associations for when referee needs arise.
        -as association grows so does the need for referees at all levels.
*Referee abuse program initiated this year by MYSA & MNSRC.
        -We utilized this program with referees submitting complaints.
        -Program will not go away.  Will be more enhanced in 2014.
        -Need more communication about this to parents, players, coaches & managers.
                -Create a communication on this to all prior to 2014 season.
                -Board may want to have a discussion on its stance and how it will or will not support program.
        -More communication to referees on program before 2014 season begins.
*Referees controlled the games better as the season progressed.
        -More discussion needed prior to beginning of 2014 season with refs.


    • Need a hole punch for check in
    • Start games on the hour or put catch up time ½ way through
    1. Games got behind
    2. Refs only have 10 min. to check both teams in & start on time
    3. Some teams are still learning-ie. Need to have glasses secured in order to play
    • Referee headquarters was excellent idea
    • Parents need to be on opposite side as team
    1. Put in rules
    • Zero tolerance for referee abuse in rules
    1. Put in rules
    2. Send out reminders for all parents & coaches
    • Garbage locations on the fields
    1. Between players benches
    2. Middle of where parents sit for games
    3. Send out in expectations that teams ned to clean up after themselves
    • Only 2 skills challenges
    • Do not utilize skill challenge coupons-just have sign in sheets
    • Promote skills challenge events up front more
    • Save the date for next year’s Festival to U9 teams that participated
    • Reiterate that referees need to check in with TD before their assigned games begin and after last game assigned
    1. Go over day’s expectations
    2. Hand in paperwork & recap day
    3. Last minute assignments could change
    • Confirm vendors in Jan/Feb.
    • Utilize older teams as volunteers for Festival
    • Pick teams to help before season and communicate so not scheduling away tournaments


Minutes of FSA Annual Board Meeting
Sunday, July 28, 2013 1 pm at Complex
Members: Troy Temple, Pat Dudley, Tammy Anderson, Steve Kletschka,
Joe Schleis, Missy Plante
Missing: Mike Ross, Doug Zahn, Shelly Prieve

Dinner when arrive


  • 46 parent attendees were present
  • All players register for door prizes
  • All in attendance were asked to submit or contact a board member if they had any suggestions on another process to announce the end of the year annual meeting so that more families might attend.

Introduction of Current Board Members:
President: Troy Temple (2013)                              Pat Dudley (2014)
Vice President: Steve Kletschka (2015)                 Doug Zahn (2013)
Secretary: Shelly Prieve (2015)                              Missy Plante (2014)
Treasurer: Mike Ross (2015)                                  Joe Schleis (2013)
Tammy Anderson(2014)

Introduction of Board Candidates (pass out ballots):
Troy Temple, Doug Zahn, Joe Schleis

Treasurer’s Report: Reported income and expenses YTD.  Donations FSA received this past year came from several outside sources to help FSA be successful and continue to add amenities to the program.

Introduction of Traveling Teams (collect ballots):

  • 220+ Little Feat Players, 175 Traveling Players, and 100+ Fall Soccer players
  • Introduced Coaches and kids that attended for each team. This included the U14 & U16 girl’s teams that were the league champions.  The U16 girl’s team also went on to the state tournament.  This was their 2nd appearance at state out of the last 3 years.
  • 1st time that FSA had 3 teams at C2 levels.  Shows our program can turn out very competitive teams.

Soccer Complex Update:

  • Field lights are scheduled to be installed on the Bahl field in August.  This will enable the High School to play double headers on the field and later into the evening. It will also allow the Soccer Association 13+ teams to have later start times during the summer, 6pm & 8pm.

Volunteers: We thank the over 100 volunteers that help our program succeed.  This includes all the coaches and managers.  They are a big part of the volunteer group that helps keep the program moving..
Ref/Field Coordinator Update:

  • 12 refs utilized this year and a strong Mentoring Program continues.
  • As the association grows, so is the need for the referee team to grow.  Watch website around November of this year for the step-by-step process for certification or email Missy Plante if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a ref.
  • Our pool of refs dropped 20% from last year and we are in need of more refs.  Please consider becoming one.

2013 Tournament:

  • May 11, 2013 for the U9-U10 soccer players with 26 teams participating
  • Lots of returning towns from last year’s tournament.
  • Many compliments regarding on how fun and well ran the tournament was.
  • Many compliments regarding our complex.
  • Tournament Committee is already working on 2014 tournament.

Door prize drawings for players
Announce New Board Members:

  • Troy Temple, Doug Zahn & Joe Schleis

Next Meeting is November 3rd
Respectfully submitted, Missy Plante


Minutes of FSA Board Meeting
Sunday, November 3, 2013 7 pm at Washington Center

Members: Troy Temple, Joe Schleis, Steve Kletschka, Shelly Prieve, Pat Dudley,
Mike Ross, Tammy Anderson Missing: Doug Zahn, Missy Plante

Secretary Report:  July Minutes still being posted

Treasurer’s Report: $39,900 Checking Account

Election of Officers:

  • President:  Troy with Mike learning the role
  • Vice President:  Steve
  • Treasurer:  Doug
  • Secretary:  Joe


  • Registrar: Shelly
  • Uniform:  Shelly
  • Ref/Field Coordinator:  Missy
  • Tournament Director:  Missy with help
  • Coaching Committee:  Missy and Steve
  • Concessions:  Lori
  • Fall Soccer:  Pat
  • Little Feat:  Brendan

Pricing for 2014

  • U11-U17:  stay at $200
  • U9-U10:  stay at $135
  • Little Feat:  stay at $50
  • Tiny Feat:  stay at $25
  • Fall:  stay at $30

Soccer Tournament:  May 10, 2014, U9-U10 Boys and Girls
            Approved by All


  • Lights:  Total of $19,152 paid towards, with $6600 As donations.
      • Donations were given by: Marion Bahl, Charitable Gambling, American Legion and Moose Lodge.  Thank you very much for your generous donation!
  • U16 Girls won the MYSA OATH Award
  • Fall Soccer:

-Looking for Shattuck Volunteers for coaches,
-3 days a week for 4 weeks,
-Considering K-3 with 4-5th graders participating in U9-U10 Traveling as well as U11 Traveling Teams

  • HS vs Assoc:  this needs further discussion with both sides
  • Coerver System:  skill-wise and game tactics, considering this

Dates for Meetings:
            02/08/2014 Registration Deadline
            02/09/2014 Washington Rec Center  7 pm

            03/03/2014 MYSA Team Deadline
            03/09/2014 Coaches Mtg at Washington Rec Center 7 pm
            03/30/2014  Summer Traveling Soccer Team Mtg at Elks 2-5 pm

            05/04/2014 Washington Rec Center 7 pm
            05/10/2014 U9-U10 Tournament All Day
            06/29/2014 Washington Rec Center  7 pm

            07/27/2014  Annual Mtg  (TBD)


Next Meeting is 02/09/2014 at Washington Rec Center at 7 pm

Respectfully submitted, Shelly Prieve