Board Meeting Minutes
Faribault Soccer Association
Sunday, February 9, 2014

Members present
Troy Temple, Steve Kletschka, Mike Ross Joe Schleis, Shelly Prieve, Missy Plante, Pat Dudley, Tammy Anderson
Not present:  Doug Zahn

Secretary Report
November 3, 2013, minutes approved

Treasurer Report
Checking account balance:  $43,000.00
This includes registration fees up to date

Soccer Festival
Website is up / Listed with MYSA
Need:  vendors (bracelets, necklaces & t-shirts) / donations / prizes
Discussion:  fewer skills contests – possibly just two games (1 boy & 1 girl)
 referee headquarter / Kona Ice will be on grounds
Update:  Referees are currently unable to register due to
differences between the State Referee Committee and the MYSA

** These differences have been resolved and referees may register **

Traveling teams aged U-9 thru U-17
Currently - 155 / last year – 170 (Some teams still have space for players to register)
Discussion:  team formation – possible try-outs for future years
each team was considered for correct number of players
Faribault will field 11 teams (6 boys & 5 girls)
8 teams will play on Monday & Wednesday:
Boys U-17, U-15 and U-9
Girls U-17, U-15, U-12 and two U-10’s
3 teams will play on Tuesday & Thursday:
Boys U12, U-11 and U-10

Coaches meeting on March 9th at 7 pm at Washington Rec Center
Fundraising  -  Joe will continue investigate possibilities

Next meeting
Sunday, May 3, 2014, at 7 pm at Washington Rec Center

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Schleis


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday May 3, 2014

Secretary Report
February 9, 2014, minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account balance:  $ 44,656.00

Soccer Festival May 10 
19 teams registered / T-Shirts will be sold / Kona Ice will be on grounds / Different participation medals from past years / Expecting to feed  between 500 to 600 people / Report on individual duties
Will only have 2 games for prizes / Steve will install electric
Joe will set up referee room and clean building / need water on ASAP / need to locate banners
Lori will secure concession help

Soccer Complex
Water drain pipe on roof broke – repaired 48 feet
Sump pump froze – back up works – will order pump
Concrete slabs around building have shifted
Concrete slabs are possibility to field entrances
New flag in place / retired old flag to the American Legion

Traveling Soccer
Coaches and players in good shape

Little Feat 
Deadline to register in May 10 / currently 156 players signed up
Request for dates and time on home page

Referee Assignor
Majority of matches will be played on Monday and Wednesday
Large number of new officials – will rely on experienced officials to mentor
Would like parents and players to experience referee training

Brats and hot dogs will be grilled on grounds / taco-in-a-bag will also be served
Steve to donate hamburger

Artistic Photography will continue to be used

Website hosting change is needed for future access.  It has been managed internally the past 7 years.  Troy will get information from Register.com, Demosphere and NGIN and dprovide information to the board and decide which provider to use

Fundraising – Joe continues to investigate possibilities

Next meeting  -  Sunday, July 6, 2014, at 7:00 pm at the Soccer Complex

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Schleis


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday July 6, 2014

Members Present:  Troy Temple, Steve Kletschka, Joe Schleis, Tammy Anderson, Pat Dudley, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross

Members Not Present:  Missy Plante, Doug Zahn

Secretary Report
May 3rd, 2014, minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account balance approximately $ 44,000.00
For current year: receipts are ahead of expenditures

2014 Soccer Festival   
Board discussed a list of concerns / possibilities presented by Missy Plante
This year’s festival showed a profit for the association

Little Feat  
235 players registered (48 are Tiny Feat)
12 players per team  -  12 sessions of training / play  -  Watermelon Cup is July 15


  • Utilize Shattuck-St. Mary’s students needing community service hours
  • Consider completing sessions by July 1st
  • Consider dividing Tiny Feat into two groups  -  one group on Tuesday and one group on Thursday.


Grossed over $ 1,300.00 for Soccer Festival
Reduced number of nights stand was open  -  only open for double headers

Outgoing Board Members
Tammy Anderson – not seeking re-election
Pat Dudley - undecided
Missy Plante – not seeking re-election, will continue as Referee / Field Coordinator and Soccer Festival  chairman

**Member positions will be posted on FSA website                           

Annual Meeting
July 27th, 2014, at 1:00 at the Soccer Complex
Voting will take place for the three open board positions

**Discussion:  Consider holding annual meeting in spring, same day as team meetings  

Referee Report
The association paid out $4,590.00 of refereeing and mentoring fees to 19 officials
Of the 19 referees, 7 were new and 14 were under the age of 18
There were 61 home matches played, 7 matches rescheduled due to weather and 23 matches where mentors were present to assist / assess younger referees


State Qualifier Requests
Five teams will be competing:  Boys U-11C3, U-15C3 & U-17C3  /  Girls U-15C3 & U-17C2

Demosphere will host the FSA website and be utilized for player / coach registration

Fall Soccer discussion: 

  • Utilizing Shattuck-St. Mary’s players / team vs. skill training, 
  • Difficulty securing coaches for fall session,
  • Sessions to start second week of school
  • Information for fall soccer will be available to parents at Watermelon Cup

Referee Assignor position will be paid $ 500.00 for miscellaneous expenses & time

Next meeting  -  Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 1:00 pm at the Soccer Complex

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Schleis


Faribault Soccer Association
Annual Board Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2014

Dinner when arrive


  • 39 parent attendees were present
  • All players register for door prizes

Introduction of Current Board Members:
President: Troy Temple (2016)                              Pat Dudley (2014)
Vice President: Steve Kletschka (2015)                 Doug Zahn (2016)
Secretary: Shelly Prieve (2015)                              Missy Plante (2014)
Treasurer: Mike Ross (2015)                                  Joe Schleis (2016)
Tammy Anderson(2014)

Introduction of Board Candidates (pass out ballots):
Mike Ross, Andrea Vogelsberg, Andrea Bauer

Treasurer’s Report: Reported income and expenses YTD.  Donations FSA received this past year came from several outside sources to help FSA be successful and continue to add amenities to the program.

Introduction of Traveling Teams (collect ballots):

  • 230+ Little Feat & Tiny Feat Players, 175 Traveling Players, and 100+ Fall Soccer players
  • Introduced Coaches and kids that attended for each team.

Soccer Complex Update:

  • Field lights were installed Fall of 2013.  Total Price was $56,000 plus Electric labor donated by Bob’s Electric.  After fundraising, FSA general budget contribution was $11, 352.  (Below the $15,000 that was approved)

Volunteers: We thank the over 100 volunteers that help our program succeed.  This includes all the coaches and managers.  They are a big part of the volunteer group that helps keep the program moving..

Ref/Field Coordinator Update:

  • Thank you to Missy Plante once again for being our Ref Coordinator.  We had many young refs this year with very few local experienced refs.  This is a common trend across the state.

2014 Tournament:

  • Our local Soccer Festival went very well once again with 19 teams and good weather.  We had all positive responses.  The festival is good for our new refs to get experience.

Door prize drawings for players

Announce New Board Members:

  • Mike Ross, Andrea Vogelsberg, Andrea Bauer (Approved)
  • Thank you to our past board members for your volunteer time with FSA and thank for continuing to help in other capacities.

Next Meeting is November 2nd
Respectfully submitted, Troy Temple


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, November 2, 2014


Members Present:  Andrea Bauer, Jason Engbrecht, Steve Kletschka, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Joe Schleis, Troy Temple, Andrea Vogelsberg

Members Not Present:  Doug Zahn

Secretary Report
July 6th & 27th, 2014, minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account balance approximately $35,000.00

Repairs to the sewer system and a water leak caused by the extreme cold we had this past spring created expenses that were applied to the annual Maintenance Budget for the complex.

Election of Officers
President  -  Mike Ross                                                  
Vice President  -  Steve Kletschka
Treasurer  -  Doug Zahn
Secretary  -  Joe Schleis

Motion:  by Andrea Vogelsberg to accept officers as nominated
Second:  Andrea Bauer

Vote:  8 AYE, 0 NAYE  -  motion carried

2015 Duties
Coaching Committee  -  Steve Kletschka  / Joe Schleis
Concessions  -  Lori & Joe Schleis
Festival Director  -  Missy Plante / Troy Temple
Fall Soccer Coordinator  -  Pat Dudley / Mike Ross
Field Maintenance (goals & lining)  -  Steve Kletschka / Joe Schleis
Little Feat Coordinator  -  Brendan Cox
Referee Assignor / Field Coordinator  -  Missy Plante
Registrar  -  Shelly Prieve
Soccer Complex Liaison  -  Troy Temple  (meets with 2 members each from the city and school district)
Uniforms  -  Shelly Prieve
Website  -  Troy Temple 

2015 Fees
U-11 through U-17:  $200.00 per player, includes 2 tournaments and option to participate in state qualifier and state tournament  -  does not include cost of uniform.                                                                                   
U-9 / U-10:  $135.00 per player, includes 10 to 12 league games, uniform and entrance to Faribault’sSoccer Festival.
ittle Feat:  $50.00
Tiny Feat:  $25.00
Fall Soccer (in-house):  $25.00

** Scholarships are available to traveling soccer players  /  ½ off the registration fee is offered  / scholarship  applications should be submitted to Association President M. Ross.

Motion:  by Jason Engbrecht to accept fees as stated
Second:  Andrea Bauer

Vote:  8 AYE, 0 NAYE  -  motion carried

**Discussion:  open festival up to a limited number of U-11 / U-12 teams, need additional field space and more referees.

Soccer Festival
May 9th, 2015
U-9 / U-10 / U-11 / U-12 teams. Boys and Girls
Approved by all.

Donations - money

“THANK YOU” to everyone who has donated funds to our association.  A special thanks to our local Rotary and Kona Ice for their donations of $1,500.00 & $285.00, respectively.

Concessions Volunteers Thank You

“THANK YOU” to those who have donated their personal time to our association.  A big “thanks” to Mario Torres, Tammy Johannsen, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Swanson, Jason Engbrecht, Doyle Johnson, Pat & Lauren Dudley and Troy Temple for volunteering to run the concession stand this fall while Lori Schleis was recovering from knee surgery.  And, a very special “thanks” to the Schleis girls, Erin and Courtney for running concessions themselves on five different nights.  With the help of these volunteers, we were able to take in funds in excess of $3,200.00.

2015 Association Meetings / Deadlines

February 7, 2015  -  Player Registration Deadline
February 8, 2015  -  Board Meeting at 7:00 at Washington Rec.
March 8, 2015  -  Traveling Coaches Meeting at 7:00 at Washington Rec.
March 29, 2015  -  Team Meeting / Uniform Issue from 1:00 to 4:00pm at Elk’s
May 3, 2015  -  Board / Soccer Festival Meeting at 7:00 at Washington Rec.
May 9, 2015  -  Faribault Soccer Festival
June 28, 2015  -  Board Meeting at 7:00 at Soccer Complex
November 1, 2015  -  Board Meeting at 7:00 at Washington Rec.

**Discussion to continue on date, time and place of Annual Meeting. 

Meeting called to order at 7:03 and adjourned at 8:27pm

Next Board Meeting  -  Sunday, February 8, 2015, at 7:00 at Washington Rec. Center

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Schleis