Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday January 28th, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00

In attendance:  Mike Ross, Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Andrea Bauer, Nick Voit, Brendan Cox

Approval of last meeting minutes, motion by Troy, second by Andrea, approved 6-0.

Reports:  Operating Acct. balance $40,692  City Maintenance Fee $9,856

New Business: 

Resignation/Replacement:  Accepted the resignation of Steve Kletschka, and welcomed Nick Voit to fulfill the term.  Motion by Andrea V, second by Shelly, approved 6-0

Goal Fixes:  Will be completed this Spring

MN United:  No board members were willing to take on the task of working with the FC.

Winter Camps:  Going well, we appreciate the partnership with SSM and Bob.

Summer Registration:  Roughly 40 kids signed, 20 for travelling, discuss more in February.

Coach Development:  Brendan and Jim have a 15 minute presentation that will be shown/given to all coaches.  After that individual coaches will have the opportunity to meet with Brendan to develop their coaching skill.

Discussions:  Brendan suggested the U9 and U10 teams go to a three tournament and practice only style next season.  This will give the kids time to develop skills during the two practices each week, and play the same number of games, but in tournaments vs nightly games.  Board likes the idea and will discuss in further detail for the 2019 season.  Brendan also suggested we revisit the idea of having uniforms that we turn in each year so we aren’t buying new every two years.  We will continue to consider this idea as well.  Beast Mode camp June 11-14th, cost $250.

Next meeting February 18th, Washington Rec Center, 7pm.


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday April 29, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00

In attendance: Mike Ross, Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Andrea Bauer,
Brendan Cox

New Business:
Festival: Andrea Bauer has everything set. Lower team participation this year, we feel this is due to the
weather and many teams not practicing yet.

Director of Coaching Review: Board reviewed document stating duties and responsibilities, and all agree
the position is beneficial to the program, and moving forward in a positive way.

Coaching: Board needs to set up guidelines, clear and concise, on expectations of start dates,
additional practices, additional tournaments, and extra fees involved. We have families signing their
kids up under one impression stated on website, and then coaches are changing the guidelines leaving
parents feeling they have no choice but to go along with it. Nothing was decided at this meeting, but
this does need to be discussed further and guidelines need to be set by the board.

Next meeting June 24 th , 2018 at the Soccer Complex


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday June 24th, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00

In attendance:  Mike Ross, Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Brendan Cox, Joe Schleis, Nick Voit

Reports:  No exact numbers on operating budget available.  We are sitting good, no new expenses, and should be on track for a normal year.

New Business

Director of Coaching Review: This was reviewed at the last meeting and will be put into place.

Coaching Expectations:  There have been concerns about additional practices, additional fees involved with practices and tournaments, and parents not feeling comfortable speaking to coaches about these concerns.  The board will continue the discussion on how this can be handled for future seasons.

Uniforms:  Brendan will be looking into uniforms that can be used for more than two years, and would be turned in verses bought and kept by players.  He will report back in August with additional information so we can decide whether or not to move in this direction.  It was also discussed that we will be having uniform try on day earlier in March, and with set times for each team to help alleviate sizing issues when ordering. 

Transportation:  We will add to our policies that coaches are not responsible for transporting kids to the games or practices.  They can at their own free will, but the Association supports the coaches on taking on that responsibility.

Fall Team:  There has been a request for a fall team, we will handle and support those coaches and kids the same we did last year. 

Referee Pay:  We will be increasing the amount referees are paid for U15/16 games to 45/33, and U17/18 to 48/38.

Next meeting August 12th, 2018 at the Soccer Complex