Q. How far does

Q. How far does the team travel?

A. Most often our teams are placed in the MYSA south district. The games are usually within 1 hour of Faribault. The south district extends from the Twin Cities on the north, Winona on the east, Albert Lea on the south and Mankato on the west. However, occasionally teams are placed in other districts which require traveling further.


Q. Is transportation provided?

A. No, the association does not provide transportation. It is the parent's responsibility to provide or arrange transportation for their child.


Q. What is the season?

A. The spring season begins with practices around April 15th, games start about May 15th and end the end of July if you make it to State.


Q. Is there any equipment to buy?

A. Uniforms are available to order at the time of registration for use during games.  The player's parents must provide shin guards, a soccer ball, and soccer shoes with rubber cleats. For players with corrective lenses, contact lenses or sport glasses are strongly recommend.


Q. What are my registration fees used for?

A.Registration fees are used to pay for equipment, supplies, insurance, tournament fees, field maintenance and referees. The coaches and directors of the association are not paid.


Q. When are the games played?

A. For the spring season, most games and practices are played on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday nights.


Q. When are practices?

A. The practice schedule is set by each team's coach. Typically a team will practice twice a week before games begin and once a week after games begin.


Q. Do they play in tournaments?

A. Each team's coach determines the tournaments to participate in. Your registration fees include the cost of the district, state and two invitational tournament. The coach will collect additional fees if the teams enroll in extra tournaments. The coaches are encouraged to keep these tournaments within a comfortable driving distance. U9-U10 do not have tournaments.


Q. Are the players insured for injuries?

A. The association pays fees to MYSA for each player. Part of these fees pays for insurance on each player. This insurance is secondary to any accident or health insurance you may have. Contact the Board of Directors if you need to file a claim.


Q. Are the teams coed?

A. Players are divided into teams primarily upon age. If there are sufficient numbers, they are further divided by gender. Lastly at older ages they may be divided by skill.


Q. Do we play teams of similar skill?

A. For ages 11 an up, MYSA divides the statewide teams into four divisions - Premier, Classic I, Classic II and Classic III. The teams from our association play in the Classic II or Classic III levels. A team will move to a different league based on their spring regular season record.

For ages under 11, MYSA divides the teams into two divisions - maroon and gold.


Q. Do the players receive equal playing time?

A. No, the coaches determine who plays and when. For the younger ages coaches are encouraged to include all players as the focus is on skill development.
At the older ages, expect more variation in playing time as competition becomes more intense at these ages.


Q. Who determines the game schedule?

A. MYSA determines the composition of each league and the game schedule. FSA, the local organization, determines the time, not date, of home games.


Q. Are the scores and schedules posted online?

A. Scores and schedules are available at the MYSA Web site for U11 and older at mnyouthsoccer.org


Q. Are contributions tax deductible?

A. Faribault Soccer Association is tax exempt organization and contributions are deductible on your tax return. Registration fees are not tax deductible.


Questions or problems: Questions regarding team schedules and field directions should be directed to the team coordinator. Questions or concerns about the game or player participation should be directed to the coach.

Questions or concerns about player safety should be directed to the FSA Board of Directors.