Little Feat and Tiny Feat Registration

Little Feat and Tiny Feat registration is open through mid May.

Little Feat and Tiny Feat is ages 4-8

Age is determined by what their age is on December 31, 2018.
Summer is the 2017-2018 season.

2018 Traveling Soccer registration

Traveling Soccer registration is CLOSED.  The deadline for Traveling soccer was February 10th.  Contact Mike at with any questions.

Traveling soccer is ages 9-17

Traveling Teams

Playing Nights for 2018

Age/Division Girls Boys
U9 Tue/Thu Mon/Wed
U10 Mon/Wed Tue/Thu
U11 Classic 3 Tue/Thu Mon/Wed
U12 Classic 3 Mon/Wed Tue/Thu
U13 Classic 3 Tue/Thu Mon/Wed
U14 Classic 3 Mon/Wed Tue/Thu
U15 Classic 3 Tue/Thu Mon/Wed
U16 Classic 3 Mon/Wed Tue/Thu
U17 Classic 3 Tue/Thu Mon/Wed

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Field Status

Field Status